The Brothers Ray is an award winning, full-service production company. 



Our goals are simple: to build strong intimate relationships, to make wise financial decisions for our investors, and to tell highly imaginative & emotionally honest stories in an ego-less environment.


We chose a ray-gun as our logo because it harnesses the power of light.  A ray of light continues to travel through space infinitely. We can still see stars that are billions of years old and millions of light years away.  This is the power of story.

A great story outlives its creators, it is told and re-told throughout time, taking on new meaning for new generations and new storytellers.  It is our goal to tell stories that are bigger than our egos, more meaningful than our careers, and still impactful long after we are gone.


The Brothers Ray is named after our best friend from high school, Marcus Ray, who passed away in 2000.  Our first forays into film were made with Marcus by our side.  He was a constant source of encouragement, positivity, and grace and these are the very values we bring to each production.  His legacy lives on in our hearts, in our company, and in our name.