This week the guys discuss 12 movies that were suggested by our listeners, including one about a werewolf in love with a girl who is in love with a vampire, one about a girl in love with a guy who is in love with dancing, one about a guy formerly in love with racism, and one with a woman in love with 13 year old boy in love with toys...that's right, it's our LISTENER SUGGESTION episode!

Time Codes: 

0:00-5:10 - opening and intro questions

5:11 - Gibby #3 - Fantastic Mr. Fox (suggested by Adam Williams)

11:31 - Jordan #3 - Hedwig and the Angry Inch (suggested by Jacob York)

17:00 - Lance #3 - Crimson Peak (suggested by Jonah Berkowitz) 

23:00 - Hudson #3 - Housebound (2014) (Suggested by Jacob Hunt)

27:08 - Gibby #2 - The Straight Story (suggested by Chris Adams)

33:28 - Jordan #2 - Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (suggested by James Legg)

40:26 - Lance #2 - Big (suggested by Brendan Egan)

47:25 - Hudson #2 - Sliding Doors (suggested by Amanda Rogers)

52:55 - Gibby #1 - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (suggested by Susan Stagg Cooper) 

59:40 - Jordan #1 - American History X (suggested by Alison Umbarger) 

1:07:28 - Lance #1 - The Matrix (Suggested by Clay Jones)

1:14:00 - Hudson #1 - Tombstone (suggested by Josh Stringer)

1:20:35 - Excited about and ending



EPISODE 23: LIFE STORIES (aka Gibbles 'n Bits)

This week, the guys get a little personal and pick movies that tell the story of their lives, including a movie that may or may not be a "true Love" story, a movie that got panned and petered out, two movies that only Jordan watched, and a movie that none of them have seen.  

EPISODE 22: ZOMBIE MOVIES (aka Zombedies)

This week, the guys pick some of their favorite ZOMBIE MOVIES, including two films that Lance thinks ruined the books they were based on, a movie that started an entire genre, a rom zom com bomb, and a movie that feels like Tim Burton remade the Evil Dead.

EPISODE 21: CHARACTERS (aka Annie Wilkes Booth)

This week, the guys talk about some of their favorite MOVIE CHARACTERS, including a cross-dressing babysitter, a capitalistic high schooler, a milk-drinking assassin, and Winnie the Pooh on opium. 

EPISODE 20: FUNNIEST MOVIES (aka Gib & Gibbier)

This week, the guys discuss their favorite FUNNIEST movies, films that make them giggle and guffaw like no others, including a non-singing Madonna, a too-paid actor/director, Walt Disney getting shot in the leg and a south of the border ET. 

EPISODE 19: MOVIE ACTORS (aka Kingo Gibbo)

This week, the guys tackle some of their favorite movie actors, including a 50 year old playing a 70 year old, one of the most famous and celebrated actors in the world who Gibby thinks is underrated, a guy who had 800 auditions before landing his breakout role, and a Samurai.  

EPISODE 18: SPORTS MOVIES (aka Kumite My Lord)

This week the guys talk about their favorite sports movies, including the Bears of Bad News, the kids of karate, the lights of Friday, balls of money and the sport of blood. 


This week the guys pick their favorite underrated movies, including one about the invention of the hula hoop, one about throwing chairs from a high rise, one that's six movies in one, one with a lot of yelling, and one that's a procedural on hole digging. Oh and Lance gets upset about something or other.

EPISODE 16: OSCAR LOSERS (aka Bubble Grump)

Now that the 2017 Academy Awards are over (and what a crazy awards show that was!), the guys pick their favorite Oscar Losers, including movies that were unfairly snubbed by Forrest Gump, Gladiator, Annie Hall, The French Connection, No Country For Old Men, and two that lost to something called Hamlet. 

EPISODE 15: BEST OF 2016 (aka That's So Refn)

The guys reflect on their favorite movies from 2016, including one that had Gibby heaving in his seat, one that hypnotized Lance, one that gave Jordan lockjaw, and we learn that Hudson has finally come-of-age. What a time to be alive!