Episode 4: TIME TRAVEL (aka Optimus Primer)

The guys tussle over TIME TRAVEL movies, including a movie made for only $7000, a movie showing a cyborg cooking dinner, and a movie that turned Gibby into a puddle.

Episode 3 : DISTURBING (aka Salò To My Little Friend)

With Halloween right around the corner, the guys talk about the movies they find MOST DISTURBING, including one that swept the Oscars, one that made Hudson scream (literally), and another that almost made Lance give up movies altogether.

Episode 2: OVERRATED (aka You Are My Friend-O)

The guys argue about which movies they feel are the MOST OVERRATED, including the two highest grossing movies of all time, the two most beloved film franchises, and Limp Bizkit fans favorite movie.

Episode 1: DEBUTS (aka the Friedkin Weekend)

The guys make a list of their TOP 3 DEBUT FILMS (or movies by first-time filmmakers) and discuss the movie that most influenced middle school girls' Trapper Keepers.